Form: lyophilized powder

Quality level: 200

Storage temperature: 2-8°C

Product Name: Bordetella pertussis Recombinants

Genetic information

Bordetella pertussis Tohama I … ptxA(2665068) , ptxB(2665069) , ptxC(2665408)

General description

The product is not activated. If activation is required, see Kaslow, et al., for suggested conditions.


The toxin is released from B. pertussis in an inactive form. When pertussis toxin B oligomer binds to the cell membrane, the S1 subunit of its A protomer is activated, perhaps through the action of glutathione and ATP. Kaslow, et al. provide a protocol for activating pertussis toxin in vitro.


Biochemical/physiological actions

Pertussis toxin catalyzes the ADP-ribosylation of the α-subunits of the heterotrimeric guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins Gi, Go, and GT. This prevents G-protein heterotrimers from interacting with the receptors, thus blocking their docking and activation. Since the Gα subunits remain in their inactive GDP-bound state, they cannot inactivate adenylyl cyclase or open K+ channels.

Physical form

Lyophilized powder containing buffer salts of sodium chloride and sodium phosphate

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